Standard Terms and Conditions


Projects under R75 000 are invoiced in advance.
For all other projects 50% of project fees are payable in advance with the remaining 50% payable on acceptance of project.
This costing does not include any 3rd party elements such as stock Imagery, Video or Content Feeds. These fees would be for the Client account.


This cost estimate is for the itemised line items as shown (i.e the Project Scope).
Should the Client require a change to the Project Scope, the Client will need to approve a Change Request (CR) form. This CR will have an impact on total project cost and project delivery time.


Once this Cost Estimate is approved CLARITY will present the Client with a Briefing Document for the Client's Signature.
This Briefing Document will contain high-level project requirements, a sitemap (where valid) and a timeline (project plan). The project plan will include CLARITY's and the Client's tasks (which would include the provision of content among others).
Should the Client miss its agreed delivery deadlines this will have a ripple effect on dependent tasks and will result in the project timeline being extended logically. Should this happen the project plan will be revised and a new date for final delivery will be set and communicated back to the client.

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